Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jason Saunders' workshop last spring

Well, time to seriously catch up, so I can bring this blog to the present tense sometime before blogs go out of style. Here's a flashback to Jason Saunders' workshop. This workshop helped get me motivated to do more outdoor paintings–and paintings period. Some of my motivation came from the sheer beauty of the places we visited. 

And now for a few paintings. This farm scene along Natchez Trace is my favorite.

I "cheated" when painting the scene below–I tried to copy Jason's every move as he painted the same scene. "Tried" is the key word! My efforts did make a difference; the colors are sharper and more sunny in this painting than in most of the others I painted at this workshop.

I painted the field below on a day when the sun was in and out. For a fleeting moment the sun and clouds created a distant focal point. The magical effect lasted less than a minute, but that was what I wanted to paint ... so here's my attempt.

I painted the scene below on the last day of the workshop. We were on an incredible tract of farmland with endless views of distant hills and other farms, such as the one in this painting. (Scroll down for a photo of me at this location.)

Here are some photos from the workshop. The first photo is along the road through Natchez Trace.

We're at someone's private property, an area with woods, bridges, and little waterfalls.

This is the farmland surrounded by hazy, rolling vistas.

Here's a random, chaotic video of my drive down the dirt road, leaving the farm.

So the workshop ended!