Friday, February 17, 2012


"Capone" 8x10 

This is an impromptu painting of my boxer Capone, painted in early December 2011. Here's how it happened: I was "too busy" to paint one morning. But as I was passing through the living room, I caught myself staring at this scene. It was such a familiar sight, and particularly beautiful, with the sun burnishing and sculpting the shape of Capone's body, and reflecting blindingly off the floor. When I saw the easel standing nearby, I was no longer "too busy." 

I am so grateful I happened to do this spur of the moment painting. Less than one month later, Capone passed away from unexpected medical conditions.

Just before his health dramatically declined, I did one more painting of him. You can already see a slump in the way he's sitting. At the time I had no idea this would be my last painting of him. I feel so lucky to have squeezed in two portraits while I still had time with him.

"Capone's Mug" 8x10
Here's is the only other painting of Capone I have done, a tiny plein air painted in 2009 on my back porch. It's so odd that I wasn't moved again to paint him until my very last chance.

"Summer Shade" 3x4
I will let the photos below speak for the friendship and cuteness that I once had with him. As you can see from some of the photos, Capone was often a part of my painting experience. 

Christmas 2011

Capone and his "brother" Ember both love looking out the door.

Capone in a scarf knitted by my mom. I wish I had more chances to paint that mug from life. 

Critiquing my Radnor Lake walkway painting

Making sure I stay at my easel

The critic in action again

My secret painting trick revealed
(ok, no Photoshop, but maybe my hand was really holding the brush...)

Just a gratuitous picture
I hope the paintings and photos gave you a little of the pleasure I received from my too short time with my family member Capone. 


  1. Capone was a beautiful dog, and it seems a wonderful studio companion. I'm so glad that you painted him as often as you did. Your paintings are lovely.

  2. What a wonderful memorial to Capone. You obviously have many beautiful memories to help fill the void he left behind. Celebrate the time you had with him.