Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Passing Photographers

This post is to showcase the work of some talented photographers who were passing by while I painted at Radnor Lake.

A photographer named Oleg Volk took this candid picture of me as I painted "Sun Stain" at Radnor Lake. I'm really impressed–it looks magazine quality! Here's a link to more of his work:

click to enlarge

Another photographer, Terra Forest, took these pictures of me at Radnor Lake–also great quality. Wow, now I see how, um, eccentric I look as I paint plein air. 

Since I'm posting photos, I think I'll include these two photos of my dog posing as art critic.

I asked Capone to help me with touch-ups.

But soon I tired of his insulting attitude.


  1. I think that Capone realizes that you
    where sneaking out there on your own without
    him, ...pure dissapointment!!

  2. Haha, I think you're right! He would have loved to go with me. But I need to teach him not to chase away every person and dog that passes by!