Friday, November 5, 2010

Wrapping up the Radnor show series

The weather was better by Wednesday, so I was back to the lake. 

On the painting just below, I added the power-walking woman using my camera LCD screen as a reference, while still at the lake. I added the dapper gentleman using my computer screen as a reference after I got home. I wasn't quick or brave enough to paint passers-by in real time! I know many painters have done it, and I eventually plan to try this myself.

"Promenade" 8x10

Painting a sunset in real time is almost as hard as painting moving people! The color blocks morph and shrink faster and faster, the later it gets. But it's during that fleeting time when the colors become the most dramatic and incredible. I enjoy the adrenaline of the mad dash, the high-risk gamble, of attempting to capture that Olympian drama with my mundane paintbrush.

"Surface Gems" 6x8

"Sun Stain" 5x7

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