Friday, March 4, 2011

An Opportunity to Help Save a Waterfall

The paintings below are for sale–because in June 2011, Cummins Falls will also be up for sale. The waterfall will be for sale to real estate developers unless the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation can raise the money to purchase this property. The roaring falls tumble into a 40 foot deep gorge, located on 186 acres of untouched woodland. To help keep it that way, donate to the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation, or purchase one of the 7 oil paintings below, and I will donate 50% to this cause. 

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Snowy Falls - 8x10 - $325
For the full adventure behind this painting, click here!

Stillness and Motion I - 8x10 - $375

Stillness and Motion II - 6x8 - $225

The Donkey Field - 8x10 - $325
Location: Leiper's Fork, TN
For backstory on this painting, click here 

A Cow Named Squirm - 6x8 - $225
Location: Hunter's Hill Farm, Hermitage, TN
Squirm is a runt cow who is so petite she has
trouble giving birth. So now she is a full-fledged pet!

 Two Hour Parking - 5x7 - $190
Location: The Gulch, Nashville

 Upward Journey - 5x7 - $190
Location: Radnor Lake, Nashville

If you are up to an hour driving distance from me, I will deliver, or if it's more than that, we can either meet up or discuss shipping options. Contact information:  615-517-1992

About the frames: 
If you like these frames, you can thank Lyle Teague Moulding in Hendersonville, TN. Lyle and Stan were excellent to work with, once again.

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