Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two Familiar Trees

I love these two old trees. They're like pillars to an enchanted doorway, especially in the early spring, when they're surrounded by frilly ground cover and encroached by violets and grape hyacinths. (Fortunately, I don't live at a place that requires a homogenous, manicured lawn!) 

The sad thing about the two trees is, I think they're dead. I don't recall seeing leaves on them last year. I'll check again this spring to see if blossoms or leaves sprout. If they are dead, I've been warned that they might decay and topple onto the house. I should probably check with a few tree cutters. I really will hate to see them go.

There are other trees of this species in my back yard. I've never seen a flowering tree like this. Most flowering trees are small, like dogwoods or pear trees, or bushy, like magnolias. But these tower up straight and tall, like a forest tree. In mid spring, they blossom into white flowers that look like large clusters of grapes. It's so odd to see the white blooms hanging high overhead in the craggy, somber branches.

There's an old fence gate leaning against the fence, in the upper right. My ex boyfriend had found it in the woods, and brought it to the house in case we ever wanted to complete the fence enclosure and add another gate. I should probably get rid of the gate, but it's actually an interesting visual element to break up the verticals of the trees and the fence. Albeit, the trees aren't really all that vertical, which is probably further evidence that they are dying! I better paint them while I can.

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