Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colorado trip 2010

I went to Colorado for a week this past September. (My third painting trip to Colorado, Kevin have some catching up to do.) I spent half of that week in Boulder doing city things, so I had very little time to paint. I still cranked out 5 paintings, but I only feel like posting one.

This was a gorgeous little area in Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park. The next day, this area was flooded with a herd of about 25 elk, mostly females. Two bull elks were locking antlers over all the lady elk. (so I heard...I was busy "trying" to paint a sunset)

"Sunny Day in the Valley" 8x10 - near Estes Park, CO

I had better luck with photography: (click to enlarge)

A nuthatch, high above timberline, in sprinkling rain.

A lone fisherman.

A close-up of a bull elk...I was about 50 ft away.

Dream Lake ... appropriately named!

A picture taken by my dad.

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