Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tornado Weather Today

The weather has been cloudy and rainy since Sunday. Today was particularly bad. This morning I could tell as soon as I looked out the window that it was a "blustery" day. I went out walking with the dog to enjoy the wind, not knowing at first that tornadic weather was on the way. Orange leaves were whirling across the streets and spiraling up to the treetops. I saw a house with a strip of aluminum hanging off roof, beating the side of the house in the wind. Countless inflatable Halloween decorations were tossing violently against their tethers.

I went to the bank around 11:30 am today. Look at those storm clouds...looks like multiple funnel clouds getting ready to descend! I was wondering if I should stay at the bank and hope we could hide in the vaults if tornados started plowing through. Luckily the storm cell passed over my immediate area without major incident. There are still warnings ongoing around middle TN right now.

Here are two short videos from Suntrust Bank in Hermitage. One of the videos has some incongruously languid jazz music in the background.

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